Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Paula Cole...

in light of her forthcoming album "courage", which is her first new album in 8 years, i thought id talk a little bit about paula cole. (i know it seems like a lot of music talk thus far, but whatever, i love me some music!) most all of you know her songs "where have all the cowboys gone" and "i dont want to wait", two songs that helped to earn her the grammy for best new artist in 1997 and get nominated for producer of the year (she produced the whole album herself). she didnt win for producing, but was only the second female in history to be nominated for that coveted award. the album that carried those two songs is called "this fire." it is without a doubt a BRILLIANT album, and one of my all-time favorites. dont be turned off by the previous two songs if you don't like them. do me a favor and LISTEN to the album first. some of the most melodic, lyrical, powerful songs you will ever hear. there is a reason she won that grammy! seriously!

the album she followed "this fire" with is called "amen." this was the album that helped me through my rough times in cincinnati. again, an amazing album. and on this album is contained, im my opinion, one of the most amazing songs ever composed, called "the pearl." the words talk about taking on life, starting out as a plain ole piece of sand, and through lifes journey eventually becoming the pearl inside an oyster. such an amazing analogy and one of the most moving songs i have ever heard. i couldnt find the video for "the pearl" but instead found "be somebody," also from "amen," and just as amazing. the woman can do no wrong! t-boz from tlc makes an appearance on this song.

listen to the words and revel in the beauty that is paula cole. take my advice and get acquainted with her! NOW DAMMIT!

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