Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idiots...

if you voted for san-gina, feel free to stick your NEW at&t cell phone UP YOUR ASS! i mean COME ON people. he cant sing! he's a skinny homo with big teeth and a bad sense of style (yes, gays can call other gays homos. kinda like african americans can call other african americans... well, you know). oh and btw, farah fawcett called... she wants her hair back! seriously! can we PA-LEASE just get to the inevitable moment and kick his scrawny booty off! he even said last night that he KNOWS he isn't the strongest singer in the competition. ITS A SINGING COMPETITION FOR KELLY CLARKSON'S SAKE! STOP VOTING FOR HIM ALREADY YOU SILLY SKANKY TWEENS! sheesh!

luckily, though, i have no opinion on the matter. ;-)

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