Monday, March 19, 2007

The Neighbor...

the chicks released this song last week on itunes. the song was written for their documentary shut up and sing that chronicles their tumultuous past few years. if you haven't seen the movie, GO RENT IT NOW! it is fabulous. we own it if you'd like to borrow it. this performance is from the chicks accidents and accusations tour that wrapped this past december. if you haven't seen them in concert, i cant even begin to describe what amazingness you have missed!

The Neighbor

Don’t let them tell you what it’s all about
I’m right beside you, a dreamer you can do without
I know you well, but we’ve never met
Always the same, always the safe bet.

I know what’s happening, I’ve seen it before
Uninvited, I’ll be coming to your back door
Lock all your windows, hide under your bed
I hear you breathing, I know you’re there

You can turn off the light
You can turn off your mind
You can shut me out

But I’ll still be here
I'll still be here
You can turn me off and try to shut me down
But I’ll still be here

You want to see things all the same
Why don’t you see things in color for a change
I’m waiting and listening, trying to walk in your shoes
They walk a straight line, such a straight line

I’ll drop my fences, if you drop your guard
Meet me on the front porch stop hiding in your backyard
Unlock your windows, come out from the bed
Your tv's glowing, I know you're there

You can turn it around
Til you like how it sounds
You can turn me off

But I’ll still be here
I’ll still be here
You can turn me down but I'll just shout it out,
I’ll still be here

Who did away with empathy
How do you love without sympathy
And who will be the one that still believes

It's the powerless who seem to fall
Between the cracks of those who have it all
And who's gonna be the one to speak for me

I’ll still be here
I’ll still be here

I'll still be here
When you like it or not
Oh I’ll be here

Even when you're not
When you think I forgot

Come out in your backyard Monday
Let's meet on your front porch Friday

I’ll still be here

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