Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dapple Light...

this afternoon i went on an enjoyable 10 mile rollerblading trip around town. from the loft i went down the freedom parkway trail to candler park, then through to dellwood park which runs parallel to ponce right by the druid hills country club, then all the way back up the trail and across boulevard to the very beginning of freedrom parkway, where it overlooks downtown. i brought along my trusty digital camera and snapped a few pics. i LOVE the look of the sun's rays filtered through, well, anything. thus the title of this post. hope y'all like 'em. let me know what cha think. if you've never been downtown to the freedom trail, you really should take the time to go. it starts at the martin luther king jr. memorial and center and makes it's way down and around the carter presidential library and center. well worth fighting the traffic for a leisurely stroll through some historic atlanta beauty.

Freedom Park

Dellwood Park

Chandler Park

Downtown Atlanta

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