Monday, March 19, 2007

The Genesis...

so i was sitting in the bathtub, searching for an outfit for my mom to wear to my best friend jessica's upcoming wedding. the water had cooled and i was geting bored, so i did a self google search. dont lie, you know you've done it. i came across this site offering to make myself more easily found on the internet (ya know, so old friends can track me down), so i signed up. it asked for a blogger account. i didnt have one. i used to have a blog, but technical difficulties and a lot of wasted time later, it was no longer active. so i created this one. tah dah. thats the big news. thats the story. thats the birth of my ramblings... again. and believe it or not, im still in the gaul dern bathtub. my feet look like two baby sharpei's. they're cute. ill resist the temptation to name them. and now, jason just woke from his slumber and shuffled into the bathroom to pee, one eye half open whining that "water is bad for your skin." so, three hours later, i guess ill get out. and so it begins... joshua holcombe, from the bathtub!

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