Monday, April 2, 2007


whether or not "global warming" is a real thing -- something that is cause for concern on our planet -- even an idiot can see that all of the millions of tons of PURE CRAP that we as a people are spewing into the air we breath is not a good thing. whether it is more than that, whether it is the culprit in changing our earths weather patterns and raising its mean temperatures, i do not know for sure; though i believe it in fact IS. everyone should realize that whether that is the case or not, it just makes good common sense to stop polluting our world; to stop CO2 emissions, to stop the burning of coal, and to work harder and much faster to find solutions to the ever present question of "where will our energy come from?" anyone who says otherwise isnt using their brain. in fact, they are just down right DAFT! any one can see that keeping our air clean is in ALL of our best interests. this SHOULD NOT be a political issue. PERIOD. president bush and that vacuous oklahoman, james inhofe, need to put aside their concern for the price it will cost and resign themselves to the fact that this is a PRICELESS issue, one that none of us can afford to allow to continue to progress unchecked.

Apr 2 12:27 PM

The US Supreme Court ruled Monday that the Environmental Protection Agency must consider greenhouse gases as pollutants, in a blow to the White House.
"Because greenhouse gases fit well within the Clean Air Act's capacious definition of 'air pollutant' we hold that EPA has the statutory authority to regulate the emission of such gases from new motor vehicles," the court ruled.

Led by Massachusetts, a dozen states along with several US cities and environmental groups went to the courts to determine whether the agency had the authority to regulate greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide emissions.

"The harms associated with climate change are serious and well recognized," said judge John Paul Stevens as the ruling was carried by five votes in favor to four against.

The Republican administration of US President George W. Bush has fiercely opposed any imposition of binding greenhouse limits on the nation's industry.

Environmentalists have alleged that since Bush came to office in 2001 his administration has ignored and tried to hide looming evidence of global warming and the key role of human activity in climate change.

As the issue has come to the fore in the US, the White House earlier this year issued a rare open letter defending Bush's record on climate change, rejecting criticisms that he has only recently awakened to the problem.

Monday's ruling was immediately hailed by environmental campaigners which has been fighting for greater regulations in a nation which accounts for a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions.

"It is a watershed moment in the fight against global warming," said Josh Dorner, spokesman for the Sierra Club environmental group.

"This is a total repudiation of the refusal of the Bush administration to use the authority he has to meet the challenge posed by global warming.

It also "sends a clear signal to the market that the future lies not in dirty, outdated technology of yesterday, but in clean energy solutions of tomorrow like wind, solar," he added.

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