Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Politics...

i don’t subscribe to any particular political party.

i basically have two groups of friends: one set, diehard conservatives. the other, diehard liberals. interesting though that the conservative groups beliefs don't seem to be based on much of anything other than religious ideology. ask them what it means to be a republican and i bet they wouldn't be able to tell you, save that that is what their parents are and that's what "everyone at church is." if i am wrong, i am sure they will tell me.

im not completely sure how i feel about "big government." i believe we should be able to think and judge for ourselves, but then again with most people i know, i would not want them making their own decisions. it's scary to think about how ignorant most people are, and how horrid they would be at self governing. i believe that, although many of our elected officials do not have our best interests at heart, many do.

i believe in personal responsibility, but i believe there are people who are born into much better circumstances than other people. like me, nothing special, just middle class, my dad’s parents were down right poor. but compared to what some of the people i ride marta alongside are born with, i might as well be royalty. to me, i see the democrats caring more about the little guy, wanting to find ways to help them find a way up and out of whatever situation they find themselves in. of course this is not a hard and fast rule.

obviously we need a strong military, period. i don’t see why this should be up for argument on any side. though i do believe we need far more intelligent, level headed, thorough people in charge, to make sure that our military might is used the best way it can be.

personally, i think W is an idiot, and that he governs on second hand info given him by people with their own personal agendas. not that i think they are evil, i just don’t think they are thinking of the citizens of our country when they make decisions. i have a best friend who worked in the WH for two years, who now works at the pentagon, who is in love with everything this administration does, and claims to have first hand verification that they are trying to do good. sometimes i believe her, sometimes i don’t.

free trade just makes sense now. it's the way of the world, and people just need to go used to it. stop complaining that your job is being shipped overseas. it’s tough, we all know that. but the world is changing, so change with it. try your best to find another job. they are out there. and it might take a little more schooling, but more schooling never hurt anyone. there is no perfect answer to this one. just have faith and work hard.

the bill of rights is there for a reason. i understand doing all we can to make sure we are not infiltrated again by terrorists, but be up front about it. explain yourself. don’t walk around like a cocky s.o.b. thinking that your shit doesn’t stink and that everyone should just fall into place and blindly follow your lead. especially now that we know your lead is not worth following.

i think gays should have the right to marry. i think anyone should. i don’t think the government should have a say in it one way or another. churches can be in control of their congregation’s marriages. but if gays want to get married, who says it has to be in a church? everyone is and should be equal. period.

in general i just see the right as being holier than thou, and hypocritical. rush limbaugh- pills. delay- bribes. half the party- abramoff. democrats are not perfect either. but to me any way, they don’t seem to say that they are. no one died when clinton lied (about something that was none of our business any way!)

we need better healthcare.
we need better education. education is the silver bullet. i have 7 friends who are teachers, and not ONE of them thinks that No Child Left Behind is a good thing. I tend to believe those who are actually in the classrooms, dealing with the problem face to face.
guns don’t serve a purpose (and i was raised by an outdoorsman, and i own a gun, know how to shoot it, and have killed animals).
taxes- whatever, the country needs money. most tax cuts don’t help anyone i know, and the ones that is does help... would they really miss it any way, since their accountants take care of the mess for them?
i think that questioning our leaders is the most patriotic thing we can do.
i think bill clinton should in no way have been impeached, and that george w. should already be gone. i think dick cheney needs medication, for he once was a faithful public servant, and now he is just a whack-a-do.
i think hillary and obama will both make better presidents than either of the bush's.
i think we need to get out of iraq, but now that we are there, illegally to my mind, we have to stay and finish the job, as shitty as that is going to be.
i think that syria and iran are not nuts, and that all they want is to sit at the big kids table. they obviously have nuts IN the country, but im not so sure they are RUN by them. if that is the case, why the hell is saudi arabia an ally?
i think we need to raise the minimum wage, period.
i think that we need to find a new way to vote, and there should absolutely be no electoral college, because again, it serves absolutely no purpose.
i think abortion should be left up to the individual. again, the government should have no right to tell any person what they can and cannot do to their body. if you don’t want to have one, don’t have one.
i believe that we should allow any person who wants to come to our country the right to do so. and for those that are hear illegally, they are just seeking a better life for themselves, and they do the jobs that we wont do any way, so let them stay. i do however believe that anyone here should be required to speak english. no more "for spanish, press 2." living free has very few requirements. one of them should be having the ability to communicate with your fellow citizens.

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... so basically you're a Democrat. ;-)