Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh which oh which oh which...

so like everyone, i sit around contemplating, with much joy, what i would do if i won the lottery. clearly one of the first things i would do would be buy a car... or two... or three. one of them would obviously be a long wheelbase sedan, most likely european. and if it were a hybrid, id be in heaven! for the longest time i always said that if i could buy any car it would be an audi A8 W12. fast, stylish, suave, yet not crazy over-the-top. understated elegance, thats me. :-) but lately some other car companies have been upping their game. so now, the contestants...

Lexus LS Hybrid


Mercedes Benz S600


BMW 760Li


Audi S8


Audi A8 W12


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